Call of Duty Warzone developers has put a lot of time into the graphics of the hugely popular battle royale. Their goal is to make the presentation more realistic, with sharp textures and unique lighting effects throughout the game. Unfortunately, it seems the sun glare is causing problems with many Warzone fans.

Sun glare is far from a new element in gaming as it gives reason for players not to look into the sun. It can often affect visibility and aiming while reflecting off of objects giving the game a more realistic feel. However, Warzone’s sun glare effect is blinding players all over Verdansk.

Reddit user Glaive001 shared a clip of what it’s like to experience this overpowering sun glare in Warzone and we can see why it’s causing an uproar throughout the community.

When can we nerf the sun glare?
byu/Glaive001 inCODWarzone

Fans commented that this player is using quite a high-end system which means graphic settings would be set to high or above. This could mean that this problem only occurs for those with higher-end computers who can run the game at a higher setting. However, there are some similar reports for lower-end systems and console players.

According to the developer Trello board, there’s no fix in the works at the moment. Fans who encounter this problem are recommended to tweak the graphics settings and report the problem to Activision.

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