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Recently Raven Software tweeted they have banned another 30,000 malicious hacked Warzone accounts. They also confirmed this takes their total amount of accounts banned up to an impressive 500,000.

Raven didn’t specifically mention if these bans were executed on a single platform or across the board or what the cheaters were doing to warrant their ban. However, regardless of this information it certainly shows Raven are taking serious action against hackers plaguing their beloved battle royale.

It seems that players are still disgruntled by the bans as their accounts would be hacked by cheaters which end up with their account being banned.

In case you missed it, Raven have recently fixed an exploit that allows players to create unbreakable gas masks, which should hopefully prevent people from camping in the gas.

However, it’s not good news for the Stadium glitch which allows players to sink under the map and kill unsuspecting players without being able to be killed.

One thing we think needs to be addressed is the ability to create new accounts as many hackers who get banned from Warzone will create another account and be back playing in no time. Until this is fixed we believe Warzone will always be plagued with cheaters.

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