A massive ban wave happened on Sunday in Warzone, this takes the total of permanently banned cheater accounts to around 470,000 since the battle royale launched just over a year ago.

Last weekends ban marks the seventh high volume ban of Warzone cheaters set since February alone and Infinity Ward warn there’s plenty more where that came from.

“Increased frequency of high-volume ban waves in addition to our daily banning of repeat offending accounts” is on moderators’ list of increased efforts, published in a note to players.

“We recently banned 45,000 fraudulent, black market accounts used by repeat offenders,” the post said. “Removing cheaters and taking away their ability to move alternate accounts is a key focus for the security teams.”

Not by any means does this mean that Warzone is now hacker free but it is good to see them taking firm decisive action against hackers. Warzone cheaters have been rife and possibly take the tops spot for the number of hackers in a Call of Duty game. It’s lead to loyal players and in particularly streamers and YouTubers to stop playing the game completely. Many console players have disabled cross-play to help filter out the main source of PC hackers despite the clients best efforts to turn them back on.

Launched on 10th March 2020 Warzone gained more than 50 million players within its first month. Following the success of the launch came hackers, botters, and other cheaters, Activision responded with over 70,000 bans in the first 30 days.

Infinity Ward has tried different methods of tackling the hacker problem by putting suspected cheaters in their own lobbies and sending legal threats to cheat-makers demanding they take down their software.

They have taken other approaches but don’t wish to share as it may lead to hackers being able to work around getting caught by this method. In our opinion, you should have a certain accuracy % and if you go over that your gameplay will be reviewed and if caught hacking issue a ban. Or add a system where players can review reported gameplay to help ease the load.

“Some have asked if we issue hardware bans,” the developers wrote on Monday. “We do issue hardware bans against repeat, or serial, cheaters. This is an important part of our effort to combat repeat offenders.”

Repeat offenders seem to be on the radar for Infinity Ward as they aim to make it harder for hackers to create new accounts and continue to abuse hacks.

The developers shared: “Again, there is no place for cheating. Delivering a fair and fun experience for all players is our top priority.”

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