warzone cheaters banned

Ready, aim… banned, Raven Software has again taken to mass banning cheaters on Call of Duty’s Warzone. The latest offensive by Raven resulted in 50,000 accounts being taken down and removed.

Announcing the move on Twitter, Raven posted:

It’s almost been a lifelong battle against Warzone hackers This as you may know isn’t the first wave of bans from Raven. You might remember back in May over 30,000 accounts were banned in a single day for the same reason which brought the total accounts banned up to 500,000. But we like many others in the gaming community are hoping for a more permanent fix to the problem.

Last week Activision stepped in a bid to bring down a hack dubbed ‘undetectable and ‘unstoppable’ aim assist cheat. This hack only started to work when an enemy was on the screen which made it almost impossible to detect. It’s good to see something is being done about the hackers in Verdansk but are the punishments too soft?

Warzone is plagued with hackers good players are being called out for hacking which is damaging their reputation as players are so used to getting beamed they assume anyone who does it is cheating.

One world record holder set up 5 different cameras while streaming Warzone to prove to their viewers that they aren’t hacking.

This ban wave may give a breath of fresh air but we fear it will only be a breath while hackers start to create new accounts to start their shenanigans all over again…

What steps would you take to get cheaters banned in Warzone?

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