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Warzone’s long-awaited nuke event is only 2 weeks away, we’re expecting to see the much-beloved Verdansk blown to smithereens by a nuclear warhead. The event has been teased for months and most fans are saying the end of Season 2 will be the nukes launch date. As if this experience isn’t enough on its own some players have reported having already seen it happen.

With any battle royale game, the map plays a massive part in the repeat playability of the title. Verdansk is up there with the best and this is shown by the countless amount of hours millions of players put into the game daily. However, it has only seen some minor changes since its launch. We along with other fans are excited to see what the predicted overhauled map has in store. It’s always possible the event won’t live up to the hype surrounding it so here’s hoping Warzone can knock it out of the park.

Some players have seen nukes flying directly over Verdansk which is a brilliant teaser and mood setter for the launch of the event. On the other hand, people are seeing nukes land right in front of them and seeming to disappear in a small cloud of smoke as nothing happened. We know it’s some kind of bug/glitch but it certainly gives a true look into what you can expect in the upcoming season.

With only a couple of weeks until the nuke’s official launch day, players won’t have to wait long to find out what really happens. There’s been leaks and speculations suggesting the new map will be an 80s themed Verdansk, some players are disappointed about it as they were expecting an entirely new map.

How do you feel about Verdansk being nuked?

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