Season 3 is looking like the biggest so far for both Cold War and Warzone. Yesterday (Monday 19th April) Raven Software and Treyarch revealed a huge preview of changes coming up this season; 6 new weapons, the return of fan favourite Price, the mysterious Verdansk event and new maps.

Season 3 Weapons

On launch week both Cold War and Warzone will get:

  • PPSH-41 sub-machine gun, most notable from World at War, this rapid firing weapon is perfect for close-range engagements
  • K31 bolt-action sniper rifle with impressive speed and high damage
  • Ballistic knife, a spring-loaded knife first making an appearance in Black Ops
  • CARV.2 tactical rifle
  • AMP 63 SMG
  • A strong and reliable baseball bat


Warzone Season 3 will kick off with a colossal event to deal with Verdansk’s current zombie outbreak. Whilst we don’t know the specifics, players are reminded to be online at 8pm BST on 21st April to find out. If the leaks are true and Verdansk is getting nuked then this could mean some massive changes in the new Season.

Black Ops Cold War

Season 3 for Cold War will see the addition of multiple new maps and one of the most famous faces in Call of Duty history, Price as an operator.

New maps on launch week:

  • Diesel, a small town set in the USA for 6v6 games and Gunfight
  • Yamantau, a map set in a snowy Soviet observatory for 6v6 games

New maps later in the season:

  • Standoff, a classic map from BO2
  • Duga, a huge multi-team map set in the Ural mountains.

Last but not least, Zombie content of course, more specifically for the Outbreak game mode. Season 3 launch will add a new region call Duga, the same map that is going to be added to multi-team later in the season.

The update size for Warzone players will be around 25 GB and for Cold War players between 8 and 13 GB which will go live on 22nd April.

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