While it may not come as a massive surprise after rumours have been circulating for a while but, the Ariana Grande concert for Fortnite has now been confirmed for 6th-8th August.

The concert will be called Rift Tour which is said to “begin with experiences that pair popular tracks with moments based on elements from the game.”

A press release stated; “Players will be able to travel side by side with their friends on a journey to magical new realities where Fortnite and Ariana collide,”

Ariana said that working with Epic to make the concert a reality has been “so fun and such an honour”.

She added “I can’t wait to join my fans and see all of your reactions to such an unforgettable, magical journey to new realities,”

Much like previous Fortnite events, the concert will be shown across several days giving players ample time to watch in-game. In total there are five shows, the first taking place on 6th August at 11pm UK time, and the last on 8th August 11pm. Epic Games suggest players “arrive in Fortnite 60 minutes before showtime” as the “Rift Tour Playlist should be live 20 minutes before each show”. You can view all the times here.

Those who attend the event will be gifted a free Cuddly Cloudcruiser umbrella and Rift Tour quests will give players more rewards when completing in-game tasks.

In the meantime, check out the HYPD Stream Team on Facebook and HYPDLive on our Twitch channel streaming games daily.

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