The new Warzone map has been seen much earlier than anticipated, the leaked footage is now being shared online and Activision are trying their best to contain it.

Twitter user On Thin Ice was first to share the footage of a work-in-progress TV advert showcasing the new map. According to some sources, the map is set to land in a live event on 22nd April, with nukes destroying the current day Versdansk. Although the original video has been removed, we all know that as soon as something hits the internet there’s always a way to find it and multiple other videos have been shared. It seems like the new map will be an 80s overhaul of Verdansk instead a completely new map. However, there will be some changes to POI’s; adding an under-construction stadium, replacing the dam bridge and in general, you can expect a more 80s feel.

There has been no official statement from Activision and at least one video has been taken down from YouTube and Charlie Intel has received a DMCA notice from Activision.

New Warzone map leaks

First glimpse at 80’s Verdansk
byu/Bulgarian_Yogurt inCODWarzone

According to VGC this 80s themed map was supposed to be released with Cold War in November 2020 which makes sense but the launch was delayed due to “several factors”.

What do you think of an 80s Verdansk? Or would you prefer a whole new map?

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