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From companies embracing the metaverse to a narrowing gap between mainstream sports and esports, 2022 served as a springboard for long-term improvements. With the arrival of 2023, trend forecasting provides an opportunity to reflect on what we learned from all of the releases, promotions, and debates that rocked the digital media and gaming sectors during the previous year.

In a few years, digital games might just completely eclipse physical formats.

Over the last few years, overall sales of digital video game versions have progressively caught up to traditional game sales. Now, more than ever, the scale is tilting towards digital — partly because to patterns established in recent years, and partly due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, which prevents people from purchasing in-person and drives them to internet shops.

Digital games have certainly reached significant milestones. According to reports, Cyberpunk 2077 was the largest digital game launch of all time. In other news, studios are seeing digital sales overtake traditional sales, with Capcom claiming that digital downloads account for about 80% of their game sales.

Sony and Microsoft have both developed digital-only systems that eliminate the possibility of utilising traditional media altogether while offering enticingly lower costs. If you have a more costly PS5 or Xbox Series X with a physical disc drive, you still have total control over how you purchase your games.

Content makers will not be limited to social media channels.

While native social platform content remains the basis of the creative economy, 2022 witnessed substantial expansion outside TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram for artists seeking a more rapid development trajectory. While this may appear to be adding a merch line as an additional revenue stream in the past, clever artists have recently experienced success in making the move to TV, big-box retail, and more.

The distinction between entertainment and games will become blurred.

As the streaming battles continue, earnings for entertainment powerhouses have reached new lows. Ad income declines and subscription declines have driven top streamers into a spiral and back to the drawing board. Reviving tried-and-true IP has become a go-to strategy for relieving strain, and we’ve seen more gaming IP exploited in the hopes of attracting committed fanbases.

Netflix revealed to shareholders during their October quarterly report that they would be adding 55 new games to its game offerings, many of which would be based on current Netflix IP. Riot Games have had a lot of success with their Netflix animated series Arcane, which is set in the universe of League of Legends. It earned an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program last year, suggesting that game adaptations are a worthwhile investment. This trend is expected to continue, with franchise interpretations such as a Gears of War animated series plus a movie on the way.

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