The competitive gaming scene is renown for its light-hearted trash talk, it’s a part of most sports but why? Mainly to get in the head of the opposition making them question themselves gaining the mental edge. This time it was taken too far and saw a pro-Fortnite team disqualified from the Fortnite Champion Series which has an eye-watering prize pool of $3 million!

The tweet in question was posted by a 16-year-old known as Wrigley and tagged Epic Games Worldwide Creative Director, Donald Mustard telling him to “Like literally fucking k!ll your$elf @DonaldMustard”. While we don’t know what provoked this tweet against the Epic boss his actions saw his team removed from FNCS. Unfortunately, for his teammates who as far as we know where innocent bystanders their tournament was over before it began.

Wrigley’s team were seeded last and weren’t like to win the whole even but there’s a guaranteed cash prize for any team who makes it into the tournament. The other two team members Dictate and Userz we’re not happy with the repercussions brought on by the tweet. Dictate tweeted “is this a f*****g joke?”. The official response from Epic reads: “We are writing to inform you of your team’s disqualification and removal from the Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS competition, effectively immediately. Based on an internal investigation a member of your team has violated Section 8.1.2 of the Official Rules”.

Other tweets included:

Other comments made:

Userz – “I wish we could be able to have an opportunity for an emergency sub. What Wrigley did was completely out of our control”

Dictate – “Just played this whole season for $0 oh my f*****g god” / Can I at least have my $600 bro child support ain’t cheap @DonaldMustard”.

It’s a shame that one person can ruin everything for a team and essentially rob them of a guaranteed $600. We hope this sends a message to the community and a lesson has been learnt.

Would you have let them use an emergency sub?

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