The competitive Fortnite team have explained the new rules around disconnecting, wagering and more before the start of Season 6 FNCS.

With Fortnite Season 6 FNCS just around the corner Epic Games have begun outlining the rules to ensure competitive players know what to expect. They’ve released a blog explaining some of the most prominent issues at the moment.

Key remapping and wagers

Epic solidified their stance on key remapping explaining that it is allowed to remap keys in Fortnite. Including the use of reWASD and other third-party software, as they specifically state that double-movement binds are allowed on keyboard and mouse. However, macro inputs are bannable.

Wagering on any game whether it be “betting, wagering or gambling on any Fortnite match or game may result in one or more of the disciplinary actions discussed above – including but not limited to, official warnings or an account ban”

Intentional Disconnects

Ever since the shakedown mechanic was added this has been an issue in the Fortnite competitive scene. Players leaving the game intentionally not allowing opponents to gain intel on their teammates.

“Intentionally disconnecting from a match in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage goes against the spirit of Fortnite competition,” said the competitive team in the blog post. “Accordingly, all players must be sure not to disconnect from the game while in a knocked down, ‘Down-But-Not-Out’ (DBNO) state.”

Epic has gone into detail on explaining the rules to ensure fair play during the upcoming FNCS and we hope players will stick to these rules as they have no excuse to break them.

Do you agree with these rules?

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