British Esports Association plans to make disabled gaming tournaments accessible to gamers with a whole range of disabilities.

This movement came after this year’s Association of Colleges’ FIFA Cup running until May and includes three disabled gamers. Students play against each other every week until May and then post their results online. 2021 is the first year gamers like Dan and Christopher (pictured below) have been able to play in this tournament.

The British Esports Association said they want to push hard for wider accessibility for disabled gamers after seeing Dan from National Star College in Gloucestershire taking part. They will call upon some of the biggest names in the tech industry to help make it happen.

Tom Dore from BEA said: “We’re hoping that we can take what they’re doing as a pilot.

“We’re intending to speak to Microsoft about the opportunities to get a group of colleges like National Star involved in a pilot competition like this because the impact that they’ve seen is huge.”

Not so long ago to play games with a disability you’d need a lot of money, specialist equipment, and time to install your specialised controller.

Gamers who played against Dan couldn’t tell he had a disability which restricts the moment in his hands and arms. He said it “means a lot” to him to be able to take part in the main Association of Colleges FIFA tournament but he’d rather play other disabled gamers.

“Being able to play real players is really hard because I play the game in a different way to them” explained Dan. “I would like to be able to play against people who use the same technology as me so that it is fairer.”

We are 100% behind this movement and would love to see other Esport titles learn of this to ensure every gamer has the opportunity to play at an equal competitive level.

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